Dear Dea,

You are such a sweetheart.  You made the experience of  buying our first powerboat special.  I am so happy that it worked out so  you could show us Primo.  Some things are just meant to be!  To be honest,  I loved how Primo looked the first time we saw the listing online and was very  excited to see her.

They say that your happiest days are the day you buy your  boat and the day you sell your boat – but I think we are going to have many  happy days in between!

We are very excited to go to Catalina in two weeks and stay  at White’s where Balboa Yacht Club has a clubhouse.  The children are  beyond excited to finally sleep on a boat, fish, paddleboard, swim, snorkel and  zoom around in our new dingy.  I am sure it will be lots of fun!

Thank you for taking our photo.  It will be a wonderful  memory of our first powerboat.  Walter is still en route.  It was  windy and choppy outside San Diego so he estimates that he will get home around  7 pm.  The children can’t wait!

Thank you again for being so wonderful.  Please let us  know when you are in Newport Beach so you can come and visit us.  We are  really looking forward to seeing you again at the Beneteau Rendevous in August!

With many thanks and much appreciation …

Karen, Walter, Alexandra and Nicholas