Hi Barrett and Paul,

It’s is unbelievable to me to think where we are as we come up on the anniversary of our yacht purchase!! October 18th was the day last year. After last years Beneteau cup (while we were awaiting the commissioning of our new Oceanis 41.1) we said we would never race our boat. Too much stress… well thanks to our good friend Paul, we raced and had a blast. Coming in 2nd was an added bonus and cool accomplishment! And the Rendezvous…. never even crossed our minds that making an ocean crossing on our own boat to Catalina would be in our future! The “Leau Key” Rendezvous was the best experience for us first timers!!

It was a pleasure to speak to the people at Beneteau about our experience with our purchase with Paul as our broker, teacher and friend and it continues to be a positive experience for us thanks to the SCY family !!

Oh, and we ran into Lee and Marilyn of WindSeeker after their delivery on Saturday. I thought he was going to explode with happiness!!!

With immense gratitude,
Judy , Oceanis 41.1 “Makai”