Placing a Yacht into Charter

Charter Placement can remove many of the barriers to boat ownership. While it’s not for everyone, aspiring boat owners may use the benefits of charter ownership to make dreams a reality quicker than you think!

Charter placement of a new BENETEAU sailboat or powerboat will substantially reduce your overall ownership cost, relieve your time commitments for maintenance and management, and possibly create income tax benefits all while your usage of the boat is unhindered. South Coast Yachts partners with Harbor Sailboats and their subsidiary SailTime/PowerTime San Diego for placement of new Beneteau sail and power yachts in San Diego.

Interested owners work with our team members to select a yacht that both fits your needs and the openings within the charter fleet. All BENETEAU yachts within the Harbor Sailboats fleets are highly optioned and not just another “rental boat” or branded as such.

Revenue is generated through club member only rentals or leases, Harbor Sailboats is a private sailing club renting high end yachts only to those who have graduated their aware winning education program or already possess exceptional boating skills. Rental revenue is split between the club and the boat owner with the owner’s percentage covering a large amount of their overall expenses. One can expect a minimum of 50% savings of overall cost, each boat is different so pro- formas for available yachts are offered on request.

Further, the Harbor Sailboats team is recognized in the industry has having the highest standards of maintenance and cleanliness across the fleet. Their team handles the bow to stern maintenance schedule, secures a slip with the marina, obtains insurance, and provides overall management of the boat including warranty. This leaves more time for owners to enjoy their yacht and less time to worry about upkeep.

Possibly the most rewarding aspect of charter ownership is the tax advantages that may be available to you. While we strongly encourage you to seek professional tax advice, many owners have used Section 179 of the federal tax code to create a personal income tax shelter. Section 179 allows for accelerated depreciation of business equipment, the boat being the equipment in your charter business. The Section 179 deduction for 2024 is $1,220,000. This means companies can deduct the full purchase price of all qualified equipment purchases, up to the limit of $1,220,000.*

To learn more about available Beneteau models or general charter placement questions, please contact South Coast Yachts team member and Harbor Sailboats principal Keenan Hirsh. [email protected] 619-417-3303.


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