Brokerage Sailboats and Motor Yachts

Please browse our list of used sailboats, motor yachts and powerboats for sale in San Diego, California and southern California below.

How To Buy The Boat Of Your Dreams

It’s easier than you may think! First of all, Select your broker / dealer… and we have to compliment you for being so accurate and astute so quickly! You’re surfing the right website! South Coast Yachts! Some important things to remember about selecting your broker / dealer:

Key Characteristics of a great broker / dealer:

  • Honesty is number 1!
  • Friendliness. Someone who makes you feel good when you walk in.
  • Sincere care. You can see it in their eyes. This is the company and sales person that you want to help you bring your sailing dream into reality.
  • A great service department that is certified and experienced in outfitting and commissioning.
  • A good variety of models to choose from, both new and used.
  • References. We have a lot…and they will probably be your future boating friends. Please ask for them!
  • Quick response and follow up.  How quickly did they call you back after your inquiry? We will call you back as quickly to answer any questions AFTER the purchase also! We’re all in this for the long haul and we love our jobs and love to sail. We’re in this business for the relationship with you and we’ll go to great lengths to make the experience a joyful one.

Step 2: Selecting Your Boat

Choosing your new boat is a very personal decision. You’re looking for the boat that tugs at your heart strings and has the most of what your looking for. One mistake that boat buyers make is thinking that they’ll find the absolute perfect boat. Some do, but the time that you spend making everything absolutely perfect should be spent sailing! Here’s the big hint….Choose the boat that has the MOST of what you want. Ask yourself….What am I going to be doing with this boat? What am I going to be using it for? You’re not going to go out and buy the fastest racer on the market for cruising with your young children!…..We will be sure to ask you repeatedly..”How are you going to be using your boat?”

Learn more about the boat buying process from the linked document, “Purchasing a Used Boat in California” by CA. Yacht Brokers Association.