I wanted to take the time to thank you, Paul Briant and the entire staff at South Coast Yachts for the delightful experience in the purchase, commissioning and delivery of my new Sense 50.  From the dream to reality you folks made it happen.  In particular, I would like to thank Paul who took the time to walk me through every phase of the acquisition.  His combination of personality, dedication, product knowledge and sailing experience was invaluable to getting exacting what I wanted and needed.  When necessary, he steered me away from a costly purchase; redirected me to a better choice when I was heading in the wrong direction and generally made the ultimate product exactly what I need for the type of sailing I do.  During the construction phase he arranged for a factory tour.  He kept me informed of the construction process. Upon delivery he worked hand in hand with your incredible commissioning staff to “get it beyond right” to perfect.  A simple, but important example was the spinnaker halyard exit from the top of the mast.  I noticed it during commissioning on a Sunday morning in the yard.  It wasn’t quite right.  By noon, Paul had been to the yard, working with the rigger had engineered a solution and sent me a photo.  There are many instances of such action.

As you are very aware, a large boat purchase is long and complicated.  Having the type of dealership team you have assembled made the acquisition of “Matador” a dream.

I also mention Paul several times on my site

Stephen P Meyer