*What got you into boating?
“I have always had a love for water, and when I moved to San Diego, I was hired by a marine lender. That was the beginning of my learning boats, and led to my favorite position in the marine industry, sales at South Coast Yachts.”

*Favorite part of the boat industry?
“Working in a positive and customer supportive environment at South Coast Yachts. Team SCY is the best I have ever encountered!”

*Why do you represent Beneteau?
“They are simply the most innovative company that is always a step ahead. They really strive and succeed at bringing what boaters want to the market.”

*Fun fact about yourself? “I was raised as an “Army brat” and got to live 7 years in Japan and learn Japanese, 4 years in Germany and learn German and French, all before turning 18! I moved to San Diego in 1987 and finally found the place I wanted to make my home.”