CORONADO — A group of residents in the city of Coronado is leading an effort to bring a public dock to Glorietta Bay, as part of the city’s planned project to rebuild a Glorietta Bay Marina dock. The city council will discuss the proposed dock at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

The Glorietta Bay Heritage Group — a group of residents interested in protecting and preserving Glorietta Bay, and improving access to it — initially proposed the concept of a public dock to city representatives in May. The idea was presented as one of three options for the rebuild of Dock C at Glorietta Bay Marina, in a city council staff report.

“Glorietta Bay has a history of being a wonderful place to spend time on boat,” said Kevin Reilly, a spokesman for the Glorietta Bay Heritage Group. “It has always been a great place for recreational boating and especially well-suited for small boats.” Boaters attended a public workshop to discuss the potential dock on May 16. –

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