The Flyer 9 has won the European Powerboat of the Year award in the “up to 10 meters” category. 

The European Powerboat of the Year (EPOTY) award is a highly regarded award organized by the international nautical press. The award ceremony usually takes place at the opening night of the Düsseldorf Boatshow, but due to its cancellation this year, the results were announced on the YouTube BooteTV Channel on Friday, January 22, 2021. 

Flyer 9, the dayboat  for water-sports lovers

Comfortable, functional and ergonomic, the Flyer 9 has won over anyone keen on water sports. One of its advantages is the side platform that drops down to portside to create a beautiful terrace over the sea. Two berths below allow 4 people to stay overnight on board after a fun day in the sun. 

The Flyer 9 is also designed with Airstep® technology, guaranteeing the best navigational sensations and a comfortable ride for her passengers. 

 Find out more about the two versions of this dayboat: the SUNdeck and SPACEdeck.