In the last few weeks, there has been a slowdown worldwide. This has also been the case for BENETEAU dealers who have scaled down business to protect their staff and customers. However, the world has not come to a complete halt. Here are some different dealer perspectives.

The Situation Differs From Country to Country

In San Diego, on the west coast of the United States, the situation is very different. « In people’s minds, California is a relaxed state, with a population of surfers! In reality it’s not like that at all. The rules are very strict here and everything has come to a halt. The marinas are closed and the police are active. Naturally, we organized remote work from the outset. This has worked pretty well. Our sales teams are focusing entirely on support and advice, to stay in touch with our customers.  We are available if anyone wishes to talk to us about their future projects. We continue to get the boats ready, making sure that there is only one person working on board at any time » says Barrett Canfield, President of South Coast yachts.

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