Mike Verdu gushes about his new love — the Oceanis 37 Limited Edition

“I love my Beneteau Oceanis 37! The boat sails beautifully in both light and heavy winds and is wonderfully balanced, needing only a feather-light touch on the helm once she’s properly trimmed. She’s also very fast. I find myself sailing quickly by other boats even though I am not consciously trying to race with them. The more time I spend with her, the more I appreciate the great handling, the accessibility of the cockpit and controls, and the interior layout. I am delighted with my purchase. When I was thinking about buying a new boat last year, I narrowed down the choices to three great 37′ and 38′ boats. I eventually chose the Beneteau based on the reputation of the 37 as a great all-around performer that is also very friendly (confirmed by experienced friends who know a lot more than I do about sailing), the appeal of the cockpit and cabin layout and the dealer.

In truth, South Coast Yachts helped tip the decision with consistently great service all the way through the entire process. The team there went above and beyond to make my first boat purchase a great experience from the first contact to supporting me months after buying the boat. I still have a great relationship with their team and they have earned my trust.”

— Mike Verdu, owner of a Beneteau Oceanis 37 Limited Edition