This is to the South Coast staff and all prospective customers:

If you want to buy a boat in Southern California, look no further than South Coast Yachts!

Dea Allen was the broker for my 2002 Beneteau 411. I started looking for my retirement dream boat over a year ago. I must have changed my mind fifty times regarding timing, brand, size, age, price, etc., and she was always patient with me. We finally were in motion on a 36′ Catalina (a 2-year plan in which I would have sold this boat and bought a larger boat later). Out of the blue Dea called me late one afternoon and said, “Jerry, you have to see this boat tomorrow!” I trusted her enough to agree to have her put in an offer after only seeing the boat on-line. It was simply my dream boat…and she knew it (and so did I). So here I am exactly one month later, getting ready to sail Copacetic tomorrow for the first time since the Sea Trial.

Dea was absolutely incredible in her follow up and attention to detail. No stone left unturned. Survey, haul-out, sea trial, communication, insurance, financing, setting me up with Sea Tow, helping me with a quick shake-down on the day I took possession, leading me to the right repair/maintenance staff…and most of all, being a great friend.

In working with Dea I, came across other brokers that were incredibly unresponsive and unreliable…not so with South Coast and Dea…completely satisfied.

Thanks so much to Dea and South Coast. You guys put the B in boats!

I will be at Sunroad next weekend…see you all there!

Jerry Lund –
Beneteau 411 COPACETIC