barracudaWhether your passion leans toward fishing, diving or just cruising with attitude, make sure you have a boat with the teeth to handle it.

The Barracuda features a modular design to easily fit any pastime, and Beneteau’s patented Air Step® hull technology makes the Barracuda absolutely hungry for rough waters.

The enclosed wheelhouse means there’s always refuge from the weather plus the high side rails and freeboard make it as safe as it is easy to handle. If you have an itch for adventure, the Barracuda has the teeth for it.

Rapidity, performance, safety and design. These key words class the Barracuda among the boats for sea adventurers, keen on well mastered power.

With the New Barracuda, discover a new way of enjoying cruising and the “fishing” sprit: a true trend-setter, firm choices have been made: The choice of the outboard engine for quick travel to fishing sites. The choice of a wheelhouse and a simple central console for greater comfort. And the choice of a modular boat depending on fishing habits and practices.

Barracuda 7

Barracuda 9